Types Of Skin Legion – Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

According to the American Society for Dermatological Surgery, skin lesions (skin damage) refer to abnormal bulges, lumps, blisters, abscesses, or changes in skin color. Most skin lesions or skin lesions do not cause any harm, but they can be a sign of skin cancer in some cases.

Types Of Skin Legion

Skin legions are divided into two categories:

  1. Primary
  2. Secondary
  3. Primary Skin Legion: This is an unusual skin condition that may occur at birth or later in a person’s lifetime.
  4. Secondary Skin Legion: This problem occurs when the primary skin legion is tampered with. For example, when a person scratches a mole or wart until it starts bleeding, the affected area will scab, and this condition comes under secondary skin legion.

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Types Of Primary Skin Legion

Birthmarks or birthmarks are considered the primary skin legion. Apart from this, moles, acne, and rashes are also the primary skin legion. Apart from this, the following conditions also come under the Primary Skin Legion-

  • Blisters (filled with fluid)
  • Macules (a type of rash, spots, or freckles that are flat in appearance)
  • Nodules (abnormal growths of tissue inside the skin that look like lumps)
  • Papules (looks like small pimples)
  • Pustules (small blisters or pimples filled with pus)
  • Rash (a rash that is red, scaly in appearance)

The following conditions occur in a secondary skin legion-

  • Crust
  • scale (the skin may appear dry and cracked)
  • Scars (marks that remain after surgery, cut, or injury are called scars)

What Are The Causes Of Skin Legion?

The main cause of skin legion is an infection on the skin or in the skin. An example of a skin lesion is a wart. Viruses cause warts, and when the affected person’s skin comes in direct contact with another person’s skin, then the other person may also have a problem with the wart. So the herpes simplex virus, which causes ‘cold source’ and ‘genital herpes,’ is also a type of skin legion that spreads due to direct contact.

Chickenpox or shingles is a type of systemic infection that can cause skin lesions all over the body.

Several skin lesions are also hereditary, such as moles and freckles, which are small, brown spots on the skin. Apart from this, a birthmark, i.e., birthmark, is also a kind of legion present from the time of birth.

Also, other skin lesions can be caused by an allergic reaction such as ‘allergic eczema’ and ‘contact dermatitis.’ Certain conditions such as poor blood circulation or diabetes can also cause sensitive skin, leading to skin lesions or sores.

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Treatment Of Skin Lesions

The treatment of a skin rash depends on its cause. The following methods can be adopted for this:

  • Most people do not seek immediate treatment for the symptoms mentioned above. However, some people take the help of OTC medicines. OTC means over-the-counter medications that do not require a prescription to buy from any medical store.
  • If OTC medicines are not helping, then a person should consult a doctor. They may examine the skin and prescribe creams, lotions, or drugs to be taken orally.
  • Keep in mind that there is no OTC treatment for impetigo, which is a type of skin rash. In such a situation, talk to the doctor to prevent the infection from spreading.
  • If there is a problem with ringworm on the scalp, then medical treatment may be needed. In most cases, doctors can prescribe antifungal medication.
  • Apart from this, if a person sees a new mole developing in his body or any change in the existing mole, he should immediately go to the doctor. They can test for skin cancer. If skin cancer is confirmed, the doctor may take the help of radiation therapy, chemotherapy, etc.

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